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English Medieval Diplomacy.

by Classen, Albrecht

The Nature and the Effect of the Heresy of the Fraticelli. English University Life in the Middle Ages. Heresy and Literacy, Sur les chemins de Saint Jacques French Edition. Guillaume de Saint-Thierry - homme de doctrine, homme de priere Pain de citeaux -Serie 1.

Fabliaux French Edition.

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A Companion to Malory Arthurian Studies. Gall Version] -francais. The Scandal of the Fabliaux. Weitere Ergebnisse anzeigen. Music Heartwood Books, A. Classical Heartwood Books, A. Remains of the low wall have been excavated at Sant'Andrea, Sommacampagna, showing that it ran across the width of the nave. Lucia founded a house for female tertiaries dedicated to Saint Catherine of Siena. Savonarola's niece and other impoverished girls were encouraged to join with their dowry paid by the duke and perpetuate Savonarola's reformist ideals.

Record Number: Author s : Weddle, Saundra. Contributor s : Title : Identity and Alliance: Urban Presence, Spatial Privilege, and Florentine Renaissance Convents [The author analyses the locations and functions of women's monasteries in late medieval and early modern Florence.

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Weddle argues that architectural spaces carried multiple meanings. Womens' monasteries were places of spiritual work, but they also could convey meanings related to patronage and politics. The cases concern marriage and sexual offenses, including adultery, priests' concubines, clandestine marriages which one party often preferred to deny , and violations of betrothals. The play presents Mary as mediator and emphasizes the malignity and deceit of the Jews who want to burn her body in revenge.

Record Number: Author s : Stanbury, Sarah and Virginia Chieffo Raguin Contributor s : Title : Introduction [The authors briefly discuss ideas involved with women and their relations to the physical spaces of churches. They introduce theorists who have had an influence in this area including Pierre Bourdieu. They discuss the case of the squint, a hole in the screen around the chancel allowing a view of the altar, in terms of women's use and the subjective experience of peeping into a privileged space.

Record Number: Author s : Schleif, Corine. Contributor s : Title : Men on the Right- Women on the Left: A symmetrical Spaces and Gendered Places [The author argues that the symbolism attached to left and right becomes gendered so that male and female donors have their appointed places.

Violence in Medieval Courtly Literature: A Casebook (Garland Medieval Casebooks)

Yet some situations and artworks make the categories more complicated than a simple binary. Contributor s : Title : Bad Habits: Clothing and Textile References in the Register of Eudes Rigaud, Archbishop of Rouen [Eudes Rigaud paid inspection visits to all the religious groups in his archbishopric including women's monasteries. In his register nuns were frequently reprimanded for wearing luxury furs, metal belts, and secular clothes. They were also faulted for doing fine needlework as gifts for friends or as items for sale.

Record Number: Author s : Stanbury, Sarah. Contributor s : Title : Margery Kempe and the Arts of Self-Patronage [The author argues that Margery Kempe frequently presents herself in her book as a patron and donor to the church. Stanbury compares this to surviving devotional art with donor portraits to suggest the imagery and social recognition Kempe may have had in mind. The relationship between Mary and the figure of "Ecclesia" is also discussed.

Title note supplied by Feminae]. Contributor s : Title : Maintenance Agreements and Male Responsibility in Late Medieval England [The author examines cases brought by separated wives asking for support before both royal and ecclesiastical courts. Although there was no one single pattern for alimony, courts generally sought equity in the couples' financial arrangements. However, the courts had difficulty forcing angry or estranged husbands to pay the decreed amounts to their wives.

She commissioned the glass windows and the altarpiece. Heller raises the question of whether Monna Andrea and other female patrons had access to these family chapels beyond the rood screen. Contributor s : Title : The Seat under Our Lady: Gender and Seating in Late Medieval English Parish Churches [The author argues that women's seating arrangements in churches give access to information about women in parish life that is otherwise unavailable.

In her study of pew usage in Winchester, French demonstrates that women had a sanctioned space in the nave that frequently expressed status and the promotion of family interests. Record Number: Author s : Healy, Patrick. Contributor s : Title : Merito nominetur virago: Matilda of Tuscany in the Polemics of the Investiture Contest [The author explores Matilda's importance as an armed protector of Pope Gregory VII and the reform movement as well as her role as an inspiration for Bible exegesis and other polemics in the Gregorian versus royalist struggle.

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Record Number: Author s : Pederson, Frederik. In all of these instances the woman and man with the support of their families and friends tried a variety of informal meetings and tribunals to establish the facts and, if Source: The Medieval Marriage Scene: Prudence, Passion, Policy.

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  7. Record Number: Author s : Musson, Anthony. Contributor s : Title : Crossing Boundaries: Attitudes to Rape in Late Medieval England [The author argues that many recent researchers have misinterpreted documents about rape because they do not have a full understanding of the legal system. Musson cites cases in royal, ecclesiastical and civic courts in which rape apparently was not actually involved.

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    For example, a jury gave a very brief sentence perhaps in order to control behavior like extramarital sex. Record Number: Author s : Korpiola, Mia. Contributor s : Title : Rethinking Incest and Heinous Sexual Crime: Changing Boundaries of Secular and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in Late Medieval Sweden [The author argues that, like the rest of Europe, Sweden came to punish sexual crimes more severely over time, especially incest, bestiality, and homosexuality.

    Secular courts gradually took over responsibility for these crimes, although the church continued to receive a portion of the fines paid. Record Number: Author s : Trout, Dennis Contributor s : Title : Theodelinda's Rome: "Ampullae," "Pittacia," and the Image of the City [Describes the political significance of Theodelinda's patronage of a collection of oils from the Roman "martyria," its repercussions on her relationship with Pope Gregory the Great, and that of Lombardy with the papacy in Rome. Also investigates how the burial locations of saints defined the layout of medieval cities. Record Number: Author s : Reimann, Heike. Contributor s : Title : Maria of Hungary as Queen, Patron, and Exemplar [The author considers Mary of Hungary's areas of influence including her role as regent "vicar" during her husband's absences, her economic resources for political and religious activities, and her importance to her many family members as a support and a role model.

    Contributor s : Title : Place, Space, and Situation: Public and Private in the Making of Marriage in Late Medieval London [The author argues that marriage in fourteenth century London was a process that moved through a series of well-recognized steps with increasing publicity. Situations that we moderns would characterize as private e. Record Number: Author s : Bruzelius, Caroline. Contributor s : Title : The Architectural Context of Santa Maria Donna Regina [The author briefly surveys three aspects of the church's architecture: the organization of the spaces, the particular needs of Clarissan churches, and the development of the church's design in relation to other Neapolitan churches, especially the cathedral with the tomb of Charles I.

    The duke, Ercole d'Este, brought her to Ferrara because of her reputation for saintliness and her support of the Piagnoni, followers of Savonarola. Lucia promoted Savonarola's cult in the monastery she directed. Despite historians' interests in the Piagnoni movement, Lucia's role has been ignored. Record Number: Author s : Yakou, Hisashi. Contributor s : Title : Contemplating Angels and the "Madonna of the Apocalypse" [The author briefly discusses antecedents for the nuns' elevated choir and then turns to the church's frescoes.

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    Yakou in particular focuses on the "Angelic Choirs" and the "Madonna of the Apocalypse" in terms both of iconography and meditative use by the Clarissan nuns. Horowitz, Vol. A Festschrift in Honor of Ernst Dick, ed. II: Literature, Arts, and Learning. Methods and Hermeneutics.

    Collected and Edited by William C. McDonald and Guy R. New Methodologies and Old Texts, ed. Alexander Schwarz, Tausch, 2 Frankfurt a. McDonald and Winder McConnell. Actes du Colloque Amiens, 12 et 13 janvier , Wodan 7, ed. III, Number 2 Special Issue. Guest Editor Edward Peters. Jahrhundert: Der Frauen? GAG Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism, ed. CMCL 75 Detroit, et al.

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    American-German Studies on the Nibelungenlied. Festschrift zum Geburtstag von Hans-Gert Roloff, ed. I Bern-Berlin-Frankfurt a.