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The angst level to turned up to This whole series is a must read for me. The only drawback is having to wait for the next book. I am waiting with baited breath for the next book to come out now because Len Webster weaved such a great story in book 1 and now in book 2 in the series titled The Science of Unrequited.

This series will take you on an emotional journey of discovery, friendship, first love, lost love, unrequited love, long distance, rediscovery and new beginnings. There may be tears, in the book and with the reader, but there is a sense of something endearing and innocent, that keeps you invested in every single word and page. Jul 10, Becky Rendon rated it it was amazing. Oh my poor defenseless heart! Have you ever craved the answers? Like you needed them so much you begged the author for the next book?

So much need, longing, and love for two characters that you twitched to have the answers? But let me ask you, when you were desperate and needy for those answers did you fear the results?

The Upside of Unrequited, Becky Albertalli: Book Review

Legit, heart clenching fear. I was terrified of The Solution t Oh my poor defenseless heart! I was terrified of The Solution to Unrequited. And even having read it, I'm still afraid. Wan smile I am afraid that this story is going to continue to break me.

Fear shouldn't hold you back though. And in the end, I let it back me into a corner.

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The Solution to Unrequited will answer the questions tearing you apart after The Theory of Unrequited. Will he find her? Will they move on? What about Connecticut? But don't break out the champagne just yet! The Solution isn't the end of this story. Len Webster has plans to torture us even more. So angst lovers, love lovers,and needy people who like to cry- buckle in its going to be a bumpy ride!

Reviewed for Sweet Spot Sisterhood Jul 08, A. Blog rated it really liked it.

I was anticipating this book for a long time! I had read The Theory of Unrequited and absolutely loved it! The second one lived up to the first one. But to be fair AJ never really told him outright about her feelings. She would hint at them but like a I was anticipating this book for a long time!

The Geek's Guide to Unrequited Love

She would hint at them but like a typical teenage boy Evan never got the hint, even though everyone around them knew! Just like in the first book I love that AJ is such a strong female lead. She may have hurt Evan but honestly they have both hurt each other over the past year. Now we have another long wait for the third book in the series, The Results of Unrequited.

Reviewed by: Alexis B. I received an ARC of this book from the author and I voluntarily reviewed it. Thank you Len Webster!

This book helped me fall for Evan. Not fully and completely though. The feels in this book were amazing and I loved the science aspect of it yet again. Eight Protons.

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Eight Neutrons. The back and forth between Evan and AJ does get tiring at times. Landon is mine! View 1 comment. In my opinion the heroine got even more wishy-washy. Every she was justified to feel just seemed to disappear and suddenly I felt like for her she was also at fault for how her best friend treated her before. I was hoping to see some growth in her, because on the first book I thought she was very immature. But no, she seemed to got worse. The two characters I actually like in the story Kyle and Landon appeared very little in this installment and I hope to see more of them on the third, specially Landon, because I feel like this book was just a "filler" and nothing really happened.

Unfortunately it didn't impress me.

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Oct 30, Traci Parker rated it it was amazing. I love it. I crave it.

I honestly have no idea why. Because it leaves me in a terrible way. It wrecks me and puts my heart in my knees and I go through a huge imbalance of emotions for days. But holy cow I love it. Book 2 was even better than Book 1!! Now I know why Alexandria had to make her choices. And I love her so much for it! And I hate Evan so much more for it! How could he? How dare he? And honestly, how could he ever make it up to her?


But my goodness does he try!!!!! These two. My heart cant take much more of these two. I need happiness and rainbows please! And now I have to wait for book 3 and its going to be complete torture! I do have one serious question that I feel like I need answering because that one thing did not jive well with me. I dont want to spoil, and I am not even sure if I want the answer, but a "first" is torturing me right now!!!!!

Jul 11, Sheila rated it it was amazing. I need more AJ and Evan in my life. This book keeps giving you all the feels. We will see what happens!!!