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Open Web Book Archive. DMCA Contact. Share to Facebook Facebook , Number of shares 1. These matters are of genuine concern to increasing numbers of governmental agencies and legislative bodies around the world, for some of these chemicals have resulted in a few mishaps from improper use. Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology by Pim de Voogt 1 edition published in in English and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology attempts to provide concise, critical reviews of timely advances, philosophy and significant areas of accomplished or needed endeavor in the total field of xenobiotics, in any segment of the environment, as well as toxicological implications.

These matters are also of genuine concern to increasing numbers of governmental agencies and legislative bodies around the world, for some of these chemicals have resulted in a few mishaps from improper use. The object of "Residue Reviews" is to provide concise, critical reviews of timely advances, philosophy, and significant areas of accomplished or needed endeavor in the total field of residues of these chemicals in foods, in feeds, and in transformed food products. These reviews are either general or specific, but properly they may lie in the domains of analytical chemistry and its methodology, biochemistry, human and animal medicine, legislation, pharmacology, physiology, regulation, and toxicology; certain affairs in the realm of food technology that are concerned specifically with pesticide and other food-additive problems are also appropriate subject matter.

The scope of "Residue Reviews" is international. It encompasses those matters, in any country, which are involved in allowing pesticide and other plant-protecting chemicals to be used safely in producing, storing, and shipping crops.

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Added plant or animal pest-control chemicals or their metabolites that may persist into meat and other edible animal products milk and milk products, eggs, etc. In the pesticide research group of Sumitomo Chemical Co. Since then, the pesticide staffs of the company have been using their constant efforts in evaluation and practical development of the insecticide in various fields of application under different conditions of the world. In many other countries of the world, usage of Sumithion is now so extended that it has come to be known as a typical organophosphorus insecticide together with methyl parathion and malathion.

Resistance to D-cycloserine, novobiocin, vancomycin, bacitracin or penicillin was accompanied by partial or full loss of effectiveness in about one-half of the mutants. Full loss of effectiveness occurred most frequently among mutants selected for resistance to viomycin or neomycin. In contrast, restoration of the ability for effective symbiosis occurred in prototrophic revertants of a non-nodulating, purine-requiring mutant. Alteration of cell-wall characteristics is suggested as a possible basis for decrease of effectiveness among mutants resistant to those antibiotics, notably D -cycloserine, which are known to inhibit cell-wall synthesis.

As Kessler , has shown, nitrite reduction by the green alga, Ankistrodesmus braunii is completely inhibited by 10 -3 m 2,4-dinitrophenol. However, although nitrite accumulates in the medium when cultures are supplied with nitrate and dinitrophenol, the reduction of nitrate is not completely insensitive to the inhibitor. The degree of inhibition increases when the initial nitrate concentration is decreased. It is suggested that inhibition of nitrate assimilation by dinitrophenol is due to inhibition of an active uptake of nitrate by the cells, and that at high nitrate concentrations, a dinitrophenol-insensitive uptake process increases in importance.

The expected proportion of these superior genetic deviates among individuals whose phenotypic value exceeds some specified constant may also be calculated by numerical analysis and is presented here in graphical form. If phenotypic selection is practiced by choosing the best out of N phenotypes then N should be large enough to assure high probability of obtaining a superior genetic deviate.

The operating characteristics of this type of selection are displayed in tabular form, again based upon numerical integration. Die Tiere waren vier Tage unterwegs. Jedes einzelne Tier war sodann in starkes Packpapier gewickelt und so in einen starken Karton verpackt worden. Bei Ankunft waren zwei Tiere tot, 36 lebend.

Zwischen der Ciliatensukzession von Pepton und Zellstoffabbauversuchen ergaben sich qualitative und quantitative Unterschiede: Peptonversuche wiesen artenarme und individuenreiche Besiedlung auf. Absorption spectra of a young and an old culture of the diatom Pheodactylum tricornutum were measured in thin layers between two opal glass sheets.

Due to the possibility of distortion, the presence of an actual component at is doubtful in these particular cultures. The sum of two components, with widths more reasonable for chlorophylls, also matched the data well enough.

Reviews Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology Series

In the 16 day culture the ratio for these bands changed to 1. The effects on Drosophila eclosion rhythm of two light interruptions applied at different phases of the circadian cycle, were studied. When two light interruptions were applied, the first one at a point in the circadian cycle known to phase delay the subsequent peaks and the second one known to phase advance if offered as a solitary pulse, the peaks in the steady state occurred after a pronounced delay.

Anticipating a discrete and instantaneous phase-shift by the first pulse it was possible to apply the second light interruption at a point in the circadian oscillation as to restore the subsequent peaks to normalcy. The transient oscillations induced by the first light pulse did not respond to the second light pulse in the same manner as does the original state oscillation.

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It is concluded that Pittendrigh's assumption that the underlying light sensitive oscillation in Drosophila is phase-shifted by light interruptions even on day 1 to the extent observed in the steady state later, is valid. Subsequent indexing of the caged clones in the greenhouse gave a good indication of the potential resistance of the clone grown under field conditions. Virus Y resistance may be incorporated into new clonal lines.

Inbreeding of the parental clones leads to sterility. A modified system of backcrossing proved most adequate for maintaining fertility at a usable level. Outcrosses with selfed progeny of virus Y stocks, crosses of parental hybrids Y stocks crossed with a commercial variety or selection , and crosses between parental hybrids gave the highest ratios of symptomless plants.

Francis A. Gunther (E-kitapları)

The syntheses of poly- l -arginyl and of poly- l -histidyl RNase are described. Derivatives enriched with up to 71 arginine residues were prepared and studied. Poly- l -histidyl RNase was prepared by the reaction of RNase with the unprotected N -carboxy- l -histidine anhydride hydrochloride. Derivatives enriched with up to 22 histidine residues per RNase molecule were obtained.

L'uridindifosfoglucoso glicogeno glucosiltransferasi si trova sicuramente nel miometrio umano.

Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology. Preface. - PubMed - NCBI

Ne sono attivatori glucosofosfato e adenosin-3,5-monofosfato ciclico. Show all 4. Isolated intestines from these eels were bathed on both sides, mucosal and serosal, by identical Ringer solution. The water and sodium transort was very active from mucosa to serosa in such isolated intestines of sea-water-adapted eels.

This active movement was particularly dominant during the week after transferring the eel to seawater, and a peak was reached on the fifth day. The molar ratio of water to sodium in the fluid moving across the intestinal wall was higher in sea-water-adapted eels than in freshwater eels. The isolated intestines taken from silver eels during their catadromous migration, but still in the river, showed a larger amount of water transport and a higher molar ratio of water to sodium than intestines from yellow sedentary eels.

These adaptive properties are a prerequisite for the marine life of the eel. La actividad de un sistema enzimatico que oxida el NADPH usando DCPIP como aceptor, en homogenados te sticulares de ratas prepuberales y adultas tratadas con gonadotrofina corionica ha sido estudiado. Levels of glycogen and of glycolytic intermediates were assayed in quickly frozen embryonic mesodermic tissue decapitated and eviscerated chick embryos at the 5th and 7th developmental day and in the hind limb musculature in subsequent pre- and post-natal stages.

Serial determination of dry weight values during embryonic development allows conversion of the levels which are reported on a wet weight basis. Show all The trail substance of Lasius fuliginosus is neither colony nor caste specific. All tested species of the subfamily Formicinae accumulate their trail substance in the rectal ampulla. The fuliginosus workers can interpret all formicine trail substances with the exception of that from Lasius flavus , but the secretions in their own rectal ampullae can be understood by none of the other species tested.

The trail substance of Lasius fuliginosus is, therefore, highly species specific.

This specificity is independent of the concentration of the test solution. The activity of the trail substance from Lasius fuliginosus can be lost through the action of pure oxygen, heat or sodium hydroxide. However, it proved to be stable against the effects of atmospheric oxygen and sunlight. The duration of action of an artificial trail is dependent on the volume of substance employed and the porosity of the surface. An inactivated trail can be reactivated by moistening with water or other solvents. This reactivation fails, however, when the trail is prevented from drying out during the entire inactivation time. Through studies with animals whose antennae had been unilaterally amputated or crossed it was possible to demonstrate osmotropotaxis during trail following. After unilateral antenna amputation, a clear veering tendency toward the intact side was observed along the artificial trail as well as in the diffuse scent field. This veering tendency was noted to increase with increasing concentration of the trail substance solution.

Animals with crossed antennae consistently entered the scentfree arm of a unilaterally scented T-path. When workers were allowed to follow a double trail, one side of which became suddenly weaker, it was observed that by asymmetric placing of the antenna tips in the scent path the animals could detect a concentration difference between left and right.