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To schedule your phone interview, call Both on-campus and online programs earn the same diploma. Online students are also invited to participate in the graduation ceremony on campus upon program completion. Coursework is asynchronous, meaning that there are not specific times that you need to be online. When you start the program, you will be given access to a virtual classroom interface.

Your instructor will post coursework, syllabi, assignments, and messages every week. You will also use discussion boards, e-mail, and chat to communicate with your classmates and your instructor. You can log on and do your coursework at any time that is convenient for you, but you must turn in your assignments by the deadlines your instructor sets. As in an on-campus program, you should plan on devoting about 15 to 20 hours a week to coursework, depending on your study habits.

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The faculty and staff at Purdue are dedicated to your success at the University and in the future. Your instructor will set weekly times for one-on-one electronic consultations and will answer emails in a timely fashion. Technical support is available to help you handle hardware and software issues, and we have dedicated staff available to talk to you about financial aid, scheduling, or any other administrative issues. Annual increases may change the total program cost.

The rate and fees above are effective for the — school year. Purdue Faculty and staff fee remissions may not be applied to the online MS in Communication program. Learn how earning your MS in Communication degree from Purdue University can prepare you to change the future with a highly specialized skillset. To learn more about the program, request more information or call to speak with an admissions advisor. Home Programs Communication Masters in Communication. Online Master of Science in Communication. Request Information. Get the Skills You Need Now. If you intend to start with a bachelor degree programme at the University of Groningen in September, make sure to apply before May 1 in Studielink.

The degree programme will give you the option to participate in a matching activity to see if you and the degree programme are a match. Which matchings activity they provide depends on the faculty and programme. Students with Dutch 'hbo-propedeuse' diploma also need to meet the language requirements mentioned below.

As a graduate of Communication and Information Studies you are well prepared for a career in many different places. Thanks to your multidisciplinary research training in communication design, you will be perfectly capable of contributing to every organization or company that aims for successful communication. You can work in the communication department of governmental organizations, business communities, cultural organizations, non-profit organizations, and government or you can find a job a.

All professors and teachers of Communication and Information Studies are part of the Discourse and Communication research group of the Center for Language and Cognition Groningen. They do research in their own area of expertise and implement diverse research projects, regularly collaborating with universities abroad. These projects focus on oral, written, audiovisual and digital communication in their mother tongues or in second or foreign languages, linking the functional characteristics of the various communication media and channels to the contexts and aims of the communication.

In addition to careful analyses of the communication itself, experiments are conducted to measure its effects. Particular attention is paid to the effects of strategic persuasive communication in professional settings, such as organizational, media and health communication. The education you receive is partly based on these research projects of the staff of Communication and Information Studies.

You will acquire knowledge of theories and methodologies that you can apply in your own research projects, like your bachelor's thesis. If you want to know more about the programme Communication and Information Studies, please contact:.

Master in Communication

My job involved supporting the communications advisor in implementing projects. That was anything from writing texts and collecting images to organizing press briefings and planning interviews. Every assignment was different. I really liked thinking up different ways to implement a communications assignment, but after two years it was time for something new. In I started my own communications and copywriting company.

Since then I have been working for several different clients, particularly in the public sector. I draw up the offers, complete the assignments and submit the invoices. How can you teach people communication skills?

Online Master of Science in Communication

Nowadays I occasionally give writing training. My studies equipped me with the skills to be able to do so. I'm really interested in studying how you can communicate a message effectively through various channels and in various ways, so that the recipient understands it and can act upon it. I also really enjoy learning to apply the theoretical knowledge in real-life situations, for example in the first-year course unit Communication in Organizations.

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I moved to Groningen two years ago to live in student housing, and I love being able to make spontaneous plans to go out to eat with someone or play sports. In addition, I've been following a course in classical ballet at the USVA, the student cultural centre. So you see, anything is possible in Groningen! My dream is to become a spokesperson for a large company or perhaps something to do with the Middle East.

My name is Kayleigh Smilda and I am 21 years old. I have been living in Groningen for two years now and besides studying, I love to dance and sing. As a job, I am teaching dance to children, which I absolutely love! This was a logical step for me as I really enjoyed studying Communications before. However, I experienced the focus of the technical university as slightly too practical and I missed challenges within the program.

On one of the open days, I learnt that CIS had much more of a focus on language and research than the technical university did, which really appealed to me. I also thought it was important to choose a course in which I could make good use of my qualities, and as I had always been good at writing and presenting, I thought it would be nice to further develop those skills during my studies.

Send Kayleigh an e-mail! Communication and Information Sciences is an interdisciplinary study with aspects from fields such as marketing, linguistics and sociology. Heya, my name is Luise, I am 22 years old and originally from Germany. I am currently going strong in my second year of Communication and Information Studies. Studying obviously takes up a good part of my time but not enough to make me miss out on the various great aspects of student life in Groningen.

I am part of two improv comedy groups, I like being creative and trying out new sports at ACLO, and I love exploring the city, e. Introduction to Social Media [ ] credits: 3. Description: Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter represent a new class of communication platforms that have become quickly interwoven into the everyday lives of millions of people around the world. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Apply multiple communication perspectives to make sense of social media adoption and use, through class discussion, the theory paper and the final projects. Understand the various methodological approaches that can be used to study social media by applying class discussion to reading material. Discuss social media intelligently using appropriate language and terminology derived from scholarly papers and class discussion. Understand the implications of social media for a variety of social issues through the course readings and class discussion. Think abstractly about the role of social media in personal and organizational contexts during class discussion and while writing the theory paper and final project. Health Literacy [ ] credits: 3.

Description: This class focuses on applying literacy principles to real life health phenomenon, in clinical encounters, as well as in community and public health contexts with an emphasis on medically underserved and vulnerable populations. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Describe the relationship between health literacy and health communication and desired health outcomes. Identify and explain theories, models, and concepts of health literacy that influence health communication.

Differentiate theoretical domains of health literacy e. Appraise contextual and epidemiological data to determine relationships between health factors e. Identify and evaluate the effectiveness of health literacy strategies, research methods, and measurement tools to determine the optimal approach for health literacy interventions. Design and present a health literacy intervention that focuses on theoretical domain s and integrates and utilizes health literacy strategies, research data and methods, and measurement tools to address health literacy barriers for targeted populations.

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Message Design for Public Relations [ ] credits: 3. Description: Theories and techniques for collecting, selecting, packaging, and disseminating information within organizations and between organizations and their constituencies. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Understand the evolution of PR as it relates to the modern era and communications industry. Understand the role of research and strategic planning in PR.

Research PR issues, explain them intelligently, relate them to organizations and audiences and to provide solutions. Understand strategic PR planning process and how to create a strategic PR plan.

Understand various traditional and new PR techniques. Understand messaging and themes, image and reputation and how it relates to tactic creation and strategic planning. Demonstrate the ability to create tactics that are strategic and creative. Demonstrate the ability to work on individual and group project assignments. Present PR ideas, analysis of case studies and plans in front of peers.

Understand and create a variety of PR tools and tactics available to PR professionals. Acquire the ability to work in a simulated PR project environment. Professional Writing and Communication [ ] credits: 3. Description: Learning Objectives: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: Demonstrate through research, analysis and accurate references in writing assignments a foundational level of skill in locating, selecting, and systematically organizing a unique set of scholarly and business research.

Demonstrate through active contribution to team research meetings and accurate citations in team presentations a foundational level of skill in locating, selecting, and systematically organizing a unique set of scholarly and business research. Understand foundational communication perspectives, theories, and concepts related to business and professional communication demonstrated by writing through successful completion of assignments and individual projects; and active and effective participation in team meetings and presentations.

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Understand diversity, ethics and civic engagement as framed in communication theories and concepts through thoughtful, reflective participation in classroom assignments and discussions, team meetings, online collaborations, and presentations. Political Communication [ ] credits: 3. Description: This course provides an overview of the field of political communication.