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For some great reads, check out Battle of the Books websites. There is a national site and also some specific local ones. School or libraries usually have a team and some localities have their own book list. I know Chicago has their own list because CPS wanted a list of great books that represented their very diverse student body. Over the past two years of participating, my year old read many books that she never would have picked up. Some of those books have become her favorites. They generally select between books per year and then the kids compete in battles. It was my favorite as a child then introduced my daughter read and it became one of her favorites.

I hope to introduce my granddaughter to the book soon.

My best friend in middle school loved this book and actually wrote a sequel to it. We were a couple of budding writers back then. Karen by Marie Killilea. The last 2 were written in the late 40s. I doubt they are in print.

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Hopefully you can find them at your library or a used bookstore online. Probably too much for some, but I let my nine-year-old read the Hunger Games series. A young woman who hunts with a bow and arrow and takes down a corrupt government? Yes, please. You should read my comment below! Thanks for this! I had a mom-fail this month.

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Um, always read dystopian angsty fiction first before your kids. A Snicker of Magic is wonderful. Some with my children when they were the age these were written for but many of them after my children were grown. It was seriously magical and beyond endearing. I cannot wait to see the upcoming film. El Deafo was a really lovely graphic novel as well. But, those all may be too young for your girls? That would be incredibly helpful! ALL personal favourites from my tween years and introducing these to my 10 year old son and 8 year old daughter at the moment.

Island of the Blue Dolphins was one of my absolute favorites when I was in elementary school. As an adult I just read Wonder and highly recommend it for any age, but especially those younger. The Sisters Grimm is a fabulous series full of fairytale and mischief! I adored Little House on the Prairie as a girl as well. I am in 5 grade and devoured the books I am about to say from 3rd grade to 5th. I read it over 40 years ago and I still think of it all the time.

I am a teacher turned homeschooler who loves reading books meant for middle schoolers. My son is 10 and my daughter is I would recommend:. What a great list and so many great comments as well.

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My daughter turned 10 and was given lots of gift cards to the local bookstore. She finished the first one and we went to the library for the other three that are available now. These are big books first one is p, and they get longer but her attention was caught from the very beginning.

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I really enjoyed them too! My little brother and mom recently read Story Thieves by James Riley and loved it. I read it because J.

Rowling said it had influenced her. With your love of books, you definitely need to check out Chris Grabenstein. The first one we read is Escape from Mr. It should be required reading for everyone age 10 and older. Schooled by Gordon Korman. Holes by Louis Sachar. Hoot by Carl Hiassen but all of his books for kids are great. It by Weeks. By the way, your blog is really nice.

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Great list going here. Will be blogging some myself soon! Have a book section coming along on my new fun site? My daughter as well as myself, when I was that age really enjoyed the Enchanted Forest series by Patricia C. Wrede Dealing with Dragons, etc. Great reads! I am a little sad there is only one non-white female protagonist in this list though. Some series I have read and enjoyed, but are not in the list are: Land of Stories series by Chris Colfer -Alex and Conner have adventures inside the fairytale world which they find out is real Wings of Fire series by Tui T. The Alice-Miranda series by Jacqueline Harvey are great books for young tweens.

There are 15 books in the series so far, but a 16th will be published in September. They are my favourite books ever. There is also a Clementine Rose series for young year olds. My daughter really enjoyed the Scarlet and Ivy series, however, her favourite book ever so far is A place called Perfect by Helena Duggan. I loved The Land of Stories as a child. It is about some twins who. My 11 year old recommended it to me and we both love it! Have your girls read Savvy by Ingrid Law? There are 3 books in the series.

I read pretty fast.

e-book One Awful Red Monday After Another (Sharona Dugan Series Book 1)

Happy reading! Harriet the Spy Author: Louise Fitzhugh. She writes down her observations, thoughts, and feelings about everyone she knows in her notebook. My year-old doesn't typically choose fantasy novels, but she just devoured this series which is four books right now. This middle grade novel has a bit of Hogwarts magic to it: every Tuesday, Castle Glower rearranges itself, growing a new room or adding a new hallway. The royal family is accustomed to its eccentricities. When disaster strikes, Princess Celie and her siblings team up to save the day. Their pranks will make you giggle even as the story deals with serious themes like grief and fear.

This moving middle grade Newbery winner is based on the true story of a gorilla who spent nearly 30 years living in captivity in a mall in Washington state. But then Ruby, a new baby elephant, comes to join them at the mall after being forcibly removed from her family, and Ivan is forced to confront what it really means to be captive, and how he can save Ruby. Get your Kleenex ready.