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See within. Their stories are the story. Bob Stone was a nerdy engineer. With a proclivity for solving thorny problems. And, as we old Navy types put it … Damn the Torpedoes i. He fixed things. He was blunt. Most engineers are. He was constantly in trouble. Bob was appalled at what he found. In short, a million bits of petty B. The Pentagon. But Bob found real people who cared—mightily—in the field where the soldiers and sailors and airman and marines live and work.

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General Bill, in astonishingly short order, had turned around turned upside down! Now the Air Combat Command. Creech empowered the front line, cut the crap, re-installed pride in work sapped during the wretched, hyper-centralized McNamara years … and arguably created the most battleready force in U. Bill Creech was the model.

And Creech provided the first certified exemplar—a long way from HQ—another Stone-Creech principal tenet. Message: Good weird things rarely happen in the shadow of headquarters. Model Installations pissed off the Pentagon, whose Ultimate Authority Over Positively Every Small Thing it challenged—and was enthusiastically embraced by caring commanders, obsessed by readiness, in the field. And the world of Defense wobbled a bit on its axis.

As the years Reagan Years passed, Bob irritated most everyone in his hierarchy—which proved to be the right launching pad for the Main Game reported in these pages. I remember well sitting at my desk on my farm in Vermont late one evening in The fax clattered … and out spooled a brief handwritten note on the stationary of the Vice President of the United States of America. Signed … Bob Stone. No, it turns out. And he chose an apparently unassuming-but-uncivil servant to do the job.

Gore encountered Mr. And he commands all would-be change impresarios to do the same. TP1: Right on, Bro Stone. Bob got his Moment-in-the-Big Office. Bob got the job! The Dream Job.

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Only one thing left … make it happen. So Bob and his Merry Band of Battle-scarred Reprobates from all across government took a diametrically opposite approach, reminiscent on a large scale of his DOD effort. And that approach is the cornerstone of this magisterial book. He and his instead sought Heroes.

Thus the unearthing—and boisterous celebration—of those whose names led off this Foreword. Lynn Gordon, Bill Freeman et many, many al. We needed instead to recognize the heroes within—and do anything and everything to make their way the new way. Which often meant just getting out of their way. Urging others to walk-trot-sprint down this same path to excellence … bullet wounds for pioneers not withstanding. Bob Stone turns that conventional wisdom on its head. And I say … Hooray! Long overdue! Private and public sector. PowerPoint slides are the staple of my seminars per year.

To wit:. The above, I believe captures the outlines of a most remarkable transformation executed by Bob Stone and a small and remarkable band of True Patriots—aiming to allow those closest to the scene to serve their customers with vigor, imagination and efficiency.

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As I said at the outset, the job is not done … by a long shot. Pinterest Reddit. By Gaurav Laghate. The year old, who was set to captain Rajasthan Royals , the Jaipur franchise of the Indian Premier League IPL , which is making comeback after a two-year ban, is likely to get sacked in the wake of the scandal. Our Zero tolerance policy applies to everyone in our team. Please bear with us. Smith had taken over captaincy of the Team from Michael Clarke in However, despite a great batting record on-ground, he has been accused of poor judgements.

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