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By then, of course, de Sade had already become a major inspiration for generations of rebellious Continental types, especially those artists and philosophers who were into decadence, surrealism, and the prolonged, deliberate misuse of Freud. In France, which is more Catholic than you can possibly imagine, reaching such conclusions is considered both difficult and heroic. Barthes can barely wait to start in on his comrade de Sade. The following passage appears suddenly, without warning at the top of page six:.

As textual theory has it: the language is redistributed.

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De Sade did not sculpt a work of rigorous, concise, jagged pornography. He produced a frenzied, garrulous, overwhelming torrent of obsessively repeated incidents and themes. Nothing gets cut or boiled down. While some of them could serve for who, exactly? Nor is Sade engineering collisions of the noble and the trivial; that had already been done two centuries earlier, to perfection, by William Shakespeare.

What does her nose look like? De Sade is a towering figure in any literary canon founded upon joy, for reasons at once enlightening and complex. This is the kind of behavior we reserve, in general, for the most important utterances of our lives.


That Sade would do this in order to write yet another novel mixing pornography with philosophy is both ridiculous and baffling. This is the first exciting thing about de Sade: when you read him, you become by default the love of his life. The Marquis de Sade is also the first person to enjoy the deaths of minor characters.

You know how, when a minor character dies in a regular novel, you have to feel some kind of court-appointed guilt?

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It reminds me of one of my favorite psychiatrist jokes. Juliette can do whatever the fuck she wants. Reading de Sade is an experience in freeing your imagination. You can read it for pages and stop; you can read the whole thing; you can read five pages and give up.

Centuries later, Hugh Hefner would be hailed as a marketing genius for juxtaposing smut with Norman Mailer interviews. She snares the position by faking her experience and now has one week to learn her new craft.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago There are some BDSM scenes I don't enjoy, and this book had at least one, but the story itself was intriguing, and worth your time. I just couldn't relate to the characters and the BDSM descriptions felt like I was reading from a text book about the topic. It's too dry, not sensual and I didn't believe the underlying love story.

Carly is the oddest character - a woman with no history of sexual adventurousness decides to become a Domme. I just don't think the character as she was initially described would go and do what she did. She's thin and pretty but quickly becomes more sub than domme in her relationship with the enigmatic Jesse.

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Even these descriptions add more depth than I felt. The men just felt like ciphers to me, and the sex, while explicit, felt too clinical. I think I'll stop hunting up her books, she's clearly not doing it for me.